When it comes to video marketing strategy, the type of video you will choose is as important as the formats and the diffusion platforms. You will also need to tackle this matter in line with your objectives and target audiences. Thinking before producing remains the key to get the best out of your efforts and of your video strategy. But so, how should you proceed to select the best type of video for your situation? Altitude goes through the different alternatives to help you find the best option for your case. 

1. The « Corporate » video

corporate video

We could see it as the basic video every companies should have in its closet. The corporate video is the most general type aiming at presenting your business, your activities, your company history, values, as well as your team’s representatives to any public. Often featured on websites homepages, this type of video presents companies’ most important information at one glance.

2. The « Interview »

interview video

With the “interview” type video, you will be able to present a specific topic related to your activity field thanks to a “Q&A” or a discussion with your chosen personality. Whether this is an expert or a content producer, the interview format allows you to provide answers to your audiences ‘interrogations, whilst demonstrating your authority and expertise in the sector of your activities. This is a creative and dynamic way to raise your visibility and reinsure your customers.

3. The « Event video »

event video

If you are about to organise your annual conference, general assembly or any other type of event, you should note that producing a video on a specific aspect of your event can be very beneficial. Whether it is to record some specific interviews of your guest speakers or to sum-up your event’s key moments, having an event video will help you mark the occasion and maintain your participants’ interest after the event. This is a great way to get the most out of your efforts to organise your event.

4. The « How to? » or the « Animated video »

animated video

This is a type of educational video that will allow your audiences to discover a specific topic related to your activity area. This is also the occasion to teach them about that specific matter that will definitely help better understand the added-value of your services or products, while positioning yourself as an expert in your field. The animated video is a format that is very well suited for this purpose. Versions such as “motion design” or “white boards” offer the perfect frame to play teachers with your audiences.

5. The « Behind the scene »

Discovering your backstage activities can be very interesting for your audiences, and this is the mission of the video effectively named « Behind the scene ». These types of videos aim at presenting professional activities from within and at showing corporate cultures thanks to cleverly staged immersive experiences. When choosing this type of video, you will want to present your team members, show your office interiors and atmosphere but also present the values your business stand for. Be creative and reveal your backstage with well prepared storytelling, sketches and other elaborated sceneries.

6. The « Live streaming »

Unlike videos prepared and produced in advance, the live streaming videos are, as its name is saying, broadcasted online in real time. And live videos, whatever content they are about, are always powerful as they gather and connect publics!

This is an ideal solution if you plan to relay a moment or a strategic speech to a focused public. Live streaming remains the most interactive type of video and can trigger high engagement rates. Make sure you promote your live streaming well in advance in order to have the right and sufficient audience on the specific day.

7. The « testimonials »

Making a video on a customer journey is a very efficient way to promote and demonstrate your services and products’ advantages. The “testimonial’ video is a powerful format that helps connecting with your audiences and can stimulate further interest towards your activities.

8. The « Webinar »

The well-known restrictive measures of 2020 have propelled the usage of this term throughout the globe. Standing for the abbreviation of “web” and “seminar”, the webinar allows users to present and discuss specific topics thanks to different functionalities such as online experts presentations, products ‘exhibition, panel discussions and Q&A with the public. The added value of webinars is that one can easily access theses to get detailed insights around a specific topic. So they are also a good opportunity for organisers to strategically position themselves on the market and stand out thanks to the quality content they would propose. Don’t hesitate to promote your webinar well in advance and use online paid ads such as “Facebook ads”. This will allow you to attract new audiences and boost your reputation.

9. The « User Generated Content »

Under the acronym « UGC », this is about content produced by other users, so not by you! Relaying the “USG” type of video can be very beneficial, as it will reinforce your credibility and present you as an expert in your field. The content could be anything produced by external users that is related to you, your company and your activities. We could think of online reviews, recommendations, comments, social media activities, etc. …

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