Video marketing has long been perceived as a privilege for large companies and major brands. But nowadays things have changed.

With the development of social media, videos have become a strategic media support in 2016. According to a recent Cisco study, mobile video traffic accounted for 55 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2015, a figure that is expected to reach 75% by 2020.

A short video (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) is now the ideal instrument to frame and deliver your message, whether it is internal communication or for reaching out to potential/future clients.

Straight to the point

Web-users are now on overwhelmed with information. However, one format has proved able to penetrate/avoid this “infobesity” / information overload: the short format video that allows you to frame your message and go straight to the point while explaining sometimes complex issues in an enjoyable manner.

A maximum of ideas in a minimum of times for a tenfold ROI (Return On Investment).

Gone the long speeches, the endless “about” pages or slideshows: a short video will increase your chances to get your message through.

The importance of social media

Social media have revolutionised the way users and companies or brands interact and communicate with each other.

“The importance of social media presence has now long been proven. It is now about building a communication strategy with the client backed up by a quality content. A short and impactful content such as an animated video, will prevail over a long text, in particular on social media.”

Given this evolution, brands, companies and associations can no longer ignore videos in their communication strategy.

A short video will improve your communication at all levels:

  • Partners/collaborators: concise and engaging way of reaching and informing your partners/suppliers or your own employees (whether it is for the presentation of a new product or of statistics/reports or quarterly/yearly results, or in order to explain a procedure).

  • Internally: explain a new procedure internally, present end-of-year results,...

  • External: communicate about your company/brand and reach potential clients: in less than 1 minute, the user/possible client will receive all the information he needs/needed.

Accessible to all

Promotional video is no longer a big budget business restricted to large companies. Altitude Design has adapted its offers to start-ups and SME’s and quality video animation is now possible for a reasonable budget.

The ROi is particularly attractive on social media. Not only is its format ideally fitted for such communication supports, but today’s online tools also enable you to immediately measure its impact: beside the number of views, you can easily access useful information such as until when a user has been watching the video in question. This will greatly help you refining your analysis and better accompanying the client.

A clear message in a concise frame

Attractive and modern, the video format is ideal for displaying detailed and relevant information on a product / campaign/… and to generate curiosity and interest on the client / user’s side.

By combining sound, image and dialogues?, videos allow you to create lively stories, to better define your brand’s image or purpose and above all to provoke / generate genuine emotions that will strengthen/ reinforce the bond between the user/viewer and your brand/company.

To that end, Altitude offers you refine graphic design, relevant direction, dynamic soundtrack and a clearly framed and targeted message that will exploit / ripe the full potential of online videos.

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