29 April 2020

“Employee Advocacy” is in the top trends of digital marketing for 2020 and is growing in importance. This practice is about involving your staff into your communication activities as it shows many advantages.

22 April 2020

Digital is the answer! During the Covid19 outbreak, it became vital to adapt and transform our working modes especially for the event sector. Virtual events present many advantages compared to their “in-person” counterparts.

28 November 2019

Altitude Design realized this EFA campaign in 2018 and 2019. Logos, visuals, publications, documents for different social networks ...

04 April 2017

Video marketing has long been perceived as a privilege for large companies and major brands. But nowadays things have changed.

20 February 2017

Mobile overtook desktop computers as people’s preferred device to access the internet last year, and that trend is forecast to jump by 28 percent this year.